The Macallan Ruby

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The Macallan Ruby sits at the pinnacle of The Macallan 1824 Series. As the darkest and richest single malt in range, it embodies our commitment to 100% natural colour drawn from the casks that mature our rich spirit.

Glinting hues of red underpin the name of this unique whisky and speak to its intense flavours.




Disturbed from a long sleep in a dark and quiet warehouse, European oak piques the nose before reluctantly admitting rich, dried fruits and an edgy trickle of treacle. A hesitant sweetness enters, then oak reasserts itself, burnished and mature.


A rush of ginger, nutmeg and resin herald orange, sultana and raisin with their restrained but pervasive sweetness. Clove is here and gone, leaving oak the undisputed maestro.


The finish is long, lingering and reflective.

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